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Show Dates and Times
MUSICAL! the musical is currently on hiatus. If you would like to be informed of our next run or special shows please e-mail us.

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The Cast's Favorite MUSICAL!s

The cast was asked to name their favorites from over 500 original MUSICAL! shows. Here is a short list with some comments!

MOBY! the musical - our first full length musical, ever!

ALAMO! the musical - funny as hell!

CASABLANCA! the musical - so many characters, so much to do!

EXORCIST! the musical - creepy hilarity!

CHICAGO FIRE! the musical - the animal shadows as the barn burned were priceless!

THE BAD SEED! the musical - one bad little girl makes one great musical!

BOUNTY! the musical - nautical musicals are a blast!

PSYCHO! The musical - Randy liked playing the dead mother!

SHINING! the musical - excellent music!

LITTLE WOMEN! the musical - the cast was all men this night!

MALTESE FALCON! the musical - Luke's last show!

NOAH'S ARK! the musical - Biblical good fun!

ON THE WATERFRONT! the musical - some excellent Sondheim style in this!

MISERY! the musical - book within a book complexities!

ANGELA'S ASHES! the musical - "Dead Babies on Parade"? A Nancy classic!

ST. V-DAY MASSACRE! the musical - Ah, those tender-hearted gangsters!

SHAWSHANK! the musical - the best finale, ever!

HOOSIERS! the musical - nice Randy and Michael love duet ending in a kiss!

CRUCIBLE! the musical - brilliant story and music!

CRUNISHMENT! the musical - it all flowed - great dream/nightmare sequence!

POOH! the musical - so dark it tickled!

EQUUS! the musical - a high school drama club suggested this - they loved it!

JEFFREY DAHMER! the musical - Sweeny Todd, eat your heart out!

MATRIX! the musical - see the video highlights!

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Video Highlights [Coming Soon!]
The following highlights are from the 2001 Illinois High School Theatre Fest for which MUSICAL! the musical was the opening event. MUSICAL! performed at the world famous Krannert Center for the Performing Arts for thousands of Illinois high school students, and received standing ovations at both shows.

Neo "I'm Destined to Kick Butt"

Neo and Trinity "Together We Can Jump from a Really High Place!"

Neo and Morpheus duel

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